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A deep dive into cognitive scientists and travel

From March 2020 to June 2020, we surveyed cognitive scientists’ (N=489) attitudes toward different conference formats and policy changes. Respondants were recruited from mailing lists such as Cognitive Science Society, AMLaP, Linguist List, and social media (Twitter). Respondants represent all levels of seniority, from undergraduate students to tenured faculty from across the globe.

Through this work we aimed to identify how to move forward in cognitive science in a more carbon neutral way, while also improving equity and accessibility in the field. You may read our letter at its OSF preprint link.

We surveyed the following questions:

We present here visualizations of how our survey respondants answered each of the questions in the form of several pages where you can see more of our analysis methods and the overall results.

This study was approved by the UW Madison Institutional Review Board. We provide the raw data, excluding free response data to protect respondant privacy, in addition to a lightly processed and anonymized version of participants’ travel data within our data repository.

If you have further questions about the data collection or analysis process, please email or